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5 Steps on How to Put on Weight

5 Steps on How to Put on Weight

Stop me if you’ve heard this, “All you have to eat is gain weight, it’s not that hard.”  This was the line I constantly heard from friends, trainers, and fellow gym goers.  The “Just Eat More” argument never worked for me.  I tried everything: drinking a gallon of milk a day (gross), adding a PBJ sandwich with every meal, all sorts of protein shakes, and even trying to eat fast food (which only made me skinny fat, a fate worse than death). After 10 years of struggling, here are 5 steps on how to put on weight.

1.) Think Like an Investor

The key to increasing your body weight naturally is to think of weight gain like you would think about investing in the stock market.  Small every day deposits will pay off huge dividends overtime.  If you think you’re going to pack on 35 pounds of muscle and look like Captain America in 4 weeks you are already setting yourself up for failure (unless you have a Hollywood trainer coming to your house and cooking your meals).  If you want to know how to put on weight fast check out step 2.

2.) Calculate Your Daily Calorie to Achieve Results

How to Put on Weight - CalculatorOne of the easiest ways to put on weight is knowing how many calories you need to take in a day. This is key to increasing your body weight naturally. To learn how to increase weight naturally read our article here.

3.) Have the Right Tools for Success

Trying to Gain Weight is a huge time commitment!  It can be made even longer with all the conflicting things you read about workouts and nutrition on the internet.  Invest in tools and supplements that will make it easier, they are the best way to put on weight. Check out my post on tools needed for a weight gain diet plan.

4.) Pick a Workout & Stick with It

There’s a lot of great workouts out there, but for weight gaining it is highly recommended you stick to strength workouts that focus on multiple muscle groups at once, it is the best way to gain weight.  Would you rather work one muscle group out 1 day week doing isolation workouts, or 3 days a week targeting multiple muscle groups? If you are looking for reviews of good workouts, we review some great ones here.

5.) Don’t Give Up!

Don’t give up on your goal!  You should be aiming  at least for 1 pound of muscle gain every week.  Step on the scale the same time every Monday morning and check your status.  Your weight will fluctuate daily and it may seem like you’re going backwards the first few weeks.  That’s only because you are most likely burning off fat and gaining muscle, nothing to worry about! Follow our guides and you are guaranteed to increase your body weight naturally.

If you are looking how to put on weight easily continue to follow these steps and fine tune your routine.


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