Selecting The Best Workout Routine for Men

Selecting The Best Workout Routine for Men

When it comes to choosing a workout plan you’ll want something that is focusing on strength training more than endurance.  You cannot effectively train strength and endurance together, so you should focus on strength to gain mass, and once you hit your goals begin focusing on endurance.  There’s a ton of workouts out there and I have tried a lot of them.  Below are reviews of some of the best workout routine for men I’ve tried:

Strong Lifts 5×5 (free)

For the beginning weight lifter or someone just looking to get strong, this is where you should start.  This was the workout I started with and it gives you insane strength gains and mass gains (combined with diet).  It uses old school Olympic lifting techniques, is easy to follow, and free to use.  You should practice your form, because in all workouts form is key, especially with strong lifts.

Bar Brothers

I love Bar Brothers, absolutely freaking love it.  If you don’t want to pay for an expensive gym membership and want to focus on body weight and aerial exercises this is for you.  You get strong, get super defined muscles, and it’s fun.  If you have a pull up bar at home or live near a playground this is  great workout. I think this is my favorite best workout routine for men.

SuperHero Workout

best Workout Routine for Men - SuperHero Workout

Who wouldn’t want to look like they belong in The Justice League?  If you’re into comics, and a nerd like me, this is an awesome program; however, it’s pretty advanced.  It’s essentially the workout movie stars go through to get shredded for their comic movies.  It also tailors the workouts around different comic characters (Batman, Spiderman, etc.)  It uses a lot of different weights and movements that you won’t see people traditionally doing in a gym.  It’s a great one to do with a friend and at non- busy times at the gym (there is some circuit training).  If you can stick with it you will get those superhero looking results, but I personally never made it past the Batman phase.


Best Workout Routine for Men - mi40xmi40x is the workout for the guy/girl that is looking for maximum results. It basically adds a 4 minute mini workout onto the end your current workout schedule to force you body to convert to muscle.  I’ve noticed a big difference with it, but it’s definitely not necessary, still I recommend it if you’ve been working out for a while.

Shoulder and Hip Blueprint

One of the roadblocks I ran into (and a lot of people run into) is that my shoulders and hips weren’t flexible and primed for workout, causing me some injuries and setting me back.  It’s important with every workout to have a strong flexibility and stretching routine and this is the one I use.  If you have had past injuries or don’t want to get injured I highly recommend this plan.

Switch It Up

I strongly believe you should always be switching your workouts up, so every 3 months I try something new.  I usually go from weights, to body weights, to yoga and then back.  Everyone is different and you should find one that works for you, there is no best plan out there. I don’t normally add in cardio while I strength train but as long as you eat right there is nothing wrong with it.

I hope you enjoyed my review on the best workout routine for men.

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