Fitness Myths

Favorite Fitness Myths

Fitness myths, we’ve all heard them at the gym from friends and even trainers.  One person says that you need to eat a gram of protein for each pound of body weight you have, while another says to only eat a small amount of protein and load up on complex carbohydrates.  So who’s correct? Well apparently they both are, but they aren’t giving you the whole story (or don’t know it).  Below are my favorite fitness myths!

  • Eat 1-1.5 grams of protein per body eight to gain weight: I’ve heard this one for 12 years and I believed the only reason I wasn’t gaining weight was because I was making myself sick trying to eat 300 grams of protein a day!  The fact is, you only need 0.8g of protein a day to maintain and gain weight which is much more manageable.  Check out this discussion on the 150+ studies that have confirmed this on Reddit.
  • Carbs are Bad For You: This is so not true.  Sure there can be benefits in the short term for cutting carbohydrates but carbs are not the enemy, especially when you are trying to gain weight.  Now there are carbs that are bad for you, called simple carbs (candy bars, sweets, whole milk). However, complex Carbs are great for you and are key to after workout recovery!  Complex carbs are your whole grain pasta and breads, veggies, and Greek Yogurts.  These are all essential for a balanced healthy diet and to gain weight.  Check this medical article on other Carb Myths.
  • Ab workouts burn of belly fat:  If only this was true, but in reality this all comes down to diet and cutting body fat all over your body.  “Targeting Fat” on certain body parts is pretty bogus when you really think about, how does your body burn off fat once place and not another?  This is just a clever marketing tactic to play off peoples insecurities.  The only way to cut fat is to restrict your calorie intake and exercise.  It’s actually quite easy, you calculate your weight loss the same way you would to gain (covered here). Source
  • If you’re not sweating you’re not working hard enough: Wrong, It’s possible to burn a significant number of calories without breaking a sweat. Sweating is just a cool off technique we use. Source.
  • Yoga will get you ripped and toned: Once again this will be from diet.

I could go on for days, but if you really want to know more about myths check out this great article from about 25 of the top fitness myths.


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